Built Around A Passion for Driving

Today’s high-end sports cars are so good, so capable, there is simply no way to explore their limits on the street.


Do you enjoy the satisfaction and thrill of high performance driving? Have you ever wished there was a place where you could push the limits of your sports car? Perhaps your simply looking to find a group of like-minded enthusiasts?


The Drivers Club at Lime Rock Park exists for people just like you. Members get exclusive days to drive at their own pace and skill level around Lime Rock Park and so much more. Join us and discover that life is better lived at full speed.

Four levels of membership. All inclusive.


  • Established in 2007
  • The Drivers Club Members get exclusive access to the very same Lime Rock Park race circuit where greats from Mario Andretti to Scott Pruett, Paul Newman to Tom Kristensen and Sam Posey to Jordan Taylor have all competed.
  • Designed for a limited membership of racing and driving enthusiasts to gather together socially as well as to enjoy their car’s performance in safe environment
  • The Drivers Club offers extensive coaching to help you get the most enjoyment from your driving experience
  • Members also get access to the FCP Euro Proving grounds autocross circuit and skid pad
  • We have a members-only race series with racecar rental and trackside support available
  • Outfield Chalet – the best viewing area on the circuit – is members-only


Members of The Drivers Club at Lime Rock Park get access to professional coaches keen to help you unlock the secrets of speed and car control. The more confident you are, the faster you will go. Best of all, coaches ride along with you so you can apply while you’re behind the wheel.


Extensive coaching is provided for new members until they are “up to speed” followed by free tune ups as part of our shared coaching program.


Here’s what some Club members have to say:


“Thank you for such a professional and immensely enjoyable day of instruction… I wish I had thought to do this before my first race.”


“It’s 3:40 and I just woke up smiling ear to ear…This will be a day I remember. Thanks to you, I feel like I can finally drive.”