Drivers Club Track Day Policies

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Driver Education:  A Drivers Education (a.k.a. Drivers Ed or DE) is an instructional advanced driving event that is characterized by continuous lap driving with passing to be permitted as allowed by these rules. A DRIVERS ED IS NOT RACING. There shall be no official timing as the event is intended as instructional only, with no competition. There are no award points assigned and no trophies associated with DE events. While non-competitive, safety equipment is still required as outlined in these rules.

Qualifications: All guest drivers and riders must visit the designated Club chalet in order to sign The Club specific release and waiver. Guest drivers and passengers will be issued a wristband that they must show to DE-control before being allowed on-track. Track driving can be both physically and mentally stressful. It is the responsibility of every driver to ensure they are in good health prior to driving on track. All qualified drivers must be 18 years or older, and have a current driver’s license.  16 year old drivers that possess a driving license may ask the Club Director in advance for special permission to drive on track.  

Guest Rides: On-track rides may be taken only by persons that are 16 years or older, and can only be given by drivers that hold a current competition license with a national or international or have special permission from the Club Director. Competition licenses must be shown and recorded by Jeanette Veitenheimer, or whom ever is the administrator for the day.

Helmets: Commencing on January 1, 2016, members and guests will require a helmet with an SA 2010, or newer designation. Participants may be called upon to verify the compliance of their helmet. Please note that The Club does supply compliant loaner helmets for members and guests use.

Convertibles:  For members and guests protection, The Club does not allow convertibles without rollover protection to participate on-track. Factory fitted rollover systems including pop-up systems, such as those on the M3 convertible, Mini Cooper, Boxster, Carrera TT, S2000, Audi TT, 350Z, Z4, Z8, etc are allowed. All factory fitted systems must meet the “broom handle test” which measures whether the head, and helmet fit below a line formed from the top of the rollover bar to the top of the dashboard. All pop up hoops must be in the up position before going on track (please contact your dealership to trigger the system).  For convertibles without factory rollover protection, a four point, structural roll bar that meets SCCA GCR guidelines for Solo 1 is mandatory.

Check List: Here is a list of items that that you are responsible to check or have checked prior to arriving at the track.

ü  Wheel bearings, for excess play or wear

ü  Brake pad/shoe wear – a minimum of 50% should remain

ü  Brake fluid – should be flushed and replaced if necessary with high temperature synthetic fluid

ü  Tires pressure should be increased to stiffen the sidewall, see your operator’s handbook for recommended maximum pressure.  This necessitates the use of a good quality tire pressure gauge

ü  Tread should have 50% remaining unless you are using a slick or minimum tread high performance tire

ü  Wheels – snap on parts should be removed and wheels torqued to the manufacturers recommendation, usually around the 85 ft lb range

ü  Belts and safety equipment should be in good condition

ü  It is best to arrive with a full tank of manufacturer recommended fuel, although available, it can be a bit pricey at the track

ü  Check coolant and fluids – in most cases oil should be topped off except for you dry sump Porsche guys, yours should be at the low end of the gauge or indicator.

ü  All moveable objects must be removed from your car prior to entering pit lane.

ü  All vehicles must meet the mandatory 88 decibel limit.

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