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The Lime Rock Drivers Club completed extensive renovations in 2008 to its 1.50-mile Classic layout. Skip Barber was diligent about preserving the track's unique character — fast, sweeping, flowing — but he also wished to accommodate the capabilities of the state of the art race cars that grace the track on the professional race weekends, not to mention those cars owned by its Members.

His brilliant solution was to design very interesting yet utterly natural alternate complexes for the Uphill and West Bend corners. At a stroke, two threshold braking zones were created — yet no change in the least was made to Lime Rock's original configuration.

That is, Classic Lime Rock exists as it always has — but now tremendously smooth. Yet there will be days when Members want something a bit different. Optional Lime Rock, with its appealing new iterations at the Uphill and West Bend, can be yours for the taking. Indeed, we can "mix and match" the two Uphills and two West Bends; that means four different Lime Rock Park layouts are at your disposal. Fun, challenging and intriguing are the least one can say...

Lime Rock's track surface wasn't simply re-paved; it was stripped to its base and reconstructed to a level of smoothness not seen since the track was built in 1957. The apex and track-out curbing is all new, of course, and the run-off areas and guardrail have been significantly upgraded.

Other facility improvements include a complete makeover of the Club Chalet in the Infield, which overlooks the front straight and the paddock. On the professional race weekends, the Outfield Chalet — the best viewing area on the circuit — is members-only and it too has undergone a freshening. In addition, the main paddock ("A") is now fully paved.


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