Skip Barber


When anyone mentions "racing school" or "driving school," there's but one name that comes to the fore. Skip Barber. Skip, nearly penniless, managed to race while a senior at Harvard. He became one of just a handful of Americans to reach F1, but he "temporarily" left the cockpit in 1975 to open up his eponymous school. Which then, of course, went on to huge success. 

No one knows more about teaching the art and science of driving than Skip Barber. The school that bears his name has unearthedand developed a prodigious amount of driving talent continuously since 1975; it was Skip who fully understood the power of driver coaching.

It was in the mid-1980s that Skip first acquired a financial interest in Lime Rock Park, and he split his considerable energy between the track and the school. In 1999, he sold the school and had the time and resources to focus entirely on Lime Rock. Skip's creation of the Lime Rock Drivers Club is the masterstroke that not only ensures the track's preservation but also provides the best members-only driving club in North America.