Lime Rock Drivers Club Overview


What Is the Lime Rock Drivers Club? 

You know the Club is special because you feel it when you walk – and drive – its revered ground. As a Member, it's yours…

In the strictest of terms, the Lime Rock Drivers Club is a club for drivers. Privileged, private track time, fully coached, at a fantastic, world-famous circuit, created by Skip Barber in 2008 to his exacting standards.

When high-end, sophisticated cars – as machines meant to be driven, enjoyed, appreciated – are central to someone’s lifestyle, the Lime Rock Drivers Club is where they choose go. No question, the Club caters to enthusiasts who’ve reached a certain station in life. But those with means will find the experience goes well beyond dollars and cents.

The Club is an extended social gathering, a limited membership of racing and driving enthusiasts. Like-minded people who have a sophisticated appreciation of the depth and richness of Lime Rock's history. The Lime Rock Drivers Club is where members get their cars down to the same apexes as have Andretti, Villeneuve, Sharp, Newman, Penske, Rahal, Gurney, Posey, Ward, Donohue, Hobbs…

Today’s high-end sports cars are so good, so capable, there is simply no way to explore their limits on the street. Owners of such cars find it awfully hard to resist the opportunity to drive them as they’re meant to be driven. And almost equally importantly, when they want to. That’s what the Lime Rock Drivers Club is all about.

There are many reasons why drivers choose to join the Lime Rock Drivers Club... the track time, the historic nature and beauty of the park, the unequalled accommodations and hospitality when the major races are in town (On the professional race weekends, the Outfield Chalet – the best viewing area on the circuit – is members-only).

When all is said and done, the Lime Rock Drivers Club is about cars and driving, and the camaraderie that’s engendered, at a track that actually means something to true enthusiasts. Knowledgeable men and women with a passion for cars and driving, taking full advantage of a unique automotive atmosphere found only at Lime Rock. Everything about the Club is convenient, flexible and, of course, fun...  

The Lime Rock Drivers Club. The club that drivers join… 

Simon Kirkby, Club Director

Readers interested in learning more about the Lime Rock Drivers Club are encouraged to email the club director, Simon Kirkby, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . One may also purchase a “Drive Your Own Car” track day by contacting Jeanette Veitenheimer, the club’s executive administrator, at 860.435.5000, ext. 104, or via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The web address is