Senior Membership

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Tuesday, 30 September 2014 17:03
Membership      Information    
Initiation Fee and CT  Dues and Tax                  $16,5001
Annual Dues (2014) and CT Dues Tax $4,3342
Track Time (Per Year per Member) 5 weekend days and unlimited weekdays
when Club events are scheduled3
Coaching Unlimited shared coaching.
Private coaching available.
Clubhouse Access   All hours during Club Days and Special Events4
Non-Driver Guests One (1) per scheduled Track Day
Qualified Driver None5
VIP Hospitality to Lime Rock
Spectator Events
  One (1) guest in addition to Member Hard Card6    
Term of Membership

Five (5) Years














Senior Membership Notes

1.  The $16,500 includes the $15,000 initiation fee and the applicable $1,500 CT Dues Tax.

2.  The $4,334 includes CT Dues Tax.

3.  Senior Members are eligible for a maximum 10 days per annum, but are limited to 5 weekend days. However if LRDC doesn't schedule a minimum of 5 weekdays per annum, Senior Members may make up the difference on weekends. Winter Driving programs are run on the Autocross courses.   Booking is on a first come first served basis.

4.  The Clubhouse will be open for use by all Members every schedule Club date.

5.  A Senior Member is not allowed driver guests, but is allowed one non-driver guest on scheduled Club Days.  Additional guests will be permitted with a fee for hospitality.

6.  Member will be issued a "hard card" for admission to Public Events.  The 1 additional VIP ticket is for the enjoyment of the Member's guest, and will include Hospitality.  These tickets are not transferable.

If you are interested in Lime Rock Drivers Club Membership contact the Club Director, Simon Kirkby, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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